Vitalize Your Bathroom with New Door Handles or Door Knobs

Adding that little touch of class to your home is always extremely satisfying. For people who are upgrading existing rooms – or building new ones – our door handles and door knobs can be the perfect fit. Our many years of combined experience have helped us to build up an extensive product range; and we’re proud of the choice that we’re able to offer.

Made from a mixture of both contemporary and traditional materials; our range of products at Handsome Handles are suitable for matching an entirety of varying home decor styles. Different rooms are likely to require different design touches; and we can help you find the merchandise that will be best suited to each room in your home.

Grand Schemes or Cost-Effective Solutions

Taking the bathroom as a case study; we’re well placed to offer advice to help you visualize our commodities in situ. For a successful bathroom upgrade, you’ll first need to recognize the other materials that are in play within the room. If you’re starting from scratch, this won’t be a problem as you can decide on all your materials for your new bathroom before you’ve begun.

For minor alterations to an existing room however, there’s always more to consider; but sometimes smaller upgrades may be more suited - they are more cost-effective to introduce than an entirely new room. Whether you’re adding smaller touches to an existing room or starting one from scratch; our products are perfect for either.

Contemporary Bathroom with Satin Chrome Door Handles

For contemporary bathrooms with subtle wood-effect tiling and acrylic cabinets, any one of our satin chrome internal door handles or external door handles would be perfect to match. The classy silver appearance would stand out as a classy modern feature; whilst slickly complimenting the smooth acrylic.

Traditional Bathroom with Barley Twist Door Handles

barley twist door handlesIn complete contrast, many other people like to keep their home feeling more traditional. For those sorts of historical bathroom schemes, our Barley Twist door handles could be an excellent match. The black antique iron resonates with grand Victorian design; whilst the product comes in a bathroom version.

You can find out more about many of our other door handles and door knobs that we stock by visiting You’ll be able to see more detail on the products mentioned here; whilst you may be inspired to make home design decisions of your own.

 If you’d like to speak to a member of our dedicated team instead, you can give us a call on 07961832812; where someone from Handsome Handles will only be too happy to help resolve any enquiries that you may have.

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