The Latest Door Handle Invention Sanitises Hands and Prevents Infection

doctor - sanatised door handles for hospitalsAt Handsome Handles, we specialise in providing door handles, door knobs and door knockers for homes in Sheffield, Rotherham, and throughout the UK. But a recent news story about hospital door handles caught our eye this week!

According to several reports published in the last few days, a new type of door handle has been designed for use in hospitals that sanitises hands with a touch.

Encouraging People to Clean their Hands When Using Door Handles

As suppliers of door handles and door knockers for mainly domestic purposes, this isn’t something we have much experience in, but it certainly seems like a good idea. The door handle is called PullClean and has been developed by the British studio Agency of Design for Altitude Medical. The simple column can apparently be fitted onto any pull door and consists of a blue paddle at the bottom which dispenses a small quantity of hand sanitiser when it is pushed. The designers think that by using this simple method, sanitisation will increase in hospitals because it will become a habit for people to clean their hands every time they open a door.

You may have seen plenty of hand sanitisers dotted around hospital corridors, but sadly, their existence doesn’t mean that people actually use them. It’s easy to walk past them in a hurry and simply forget to clean your hands. That’s why this new door handle is thought to be so effective; you really can’t miss it as you move through the door. By putting the hand sanitiser on the door handle in the line of motion, it is thought to be much harder to miss, therefore increasing the rate of sanitation significantly.

Sanitising Door Handles and Smart Software

According to the designers, the refillable door handles also come with sensors that are built in to track the number of times the dispenser has been used. This sensor then links to a web application that makes administrators aware of how often they are being used in relation to how often the doors are being opened.

Although they are obviously very different from the door handles and door knobs available in our product range, we still think that this is a really great idea to prevent the spread of infections and diseases in hospitals. Anything that can contribute to hospitals being safe places where people can recover is undoubtedly a good thing. For more information about our range of door handles, door knobs and door knockers, call us on 07961 832812.

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