Steel T-Bar Door Pull Handle

Steel T-Bar Door Pull Handle

Finish Available - Satin Nickel
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Satin Nickel - FTD445ASN
c/c 96mm, Length 156mm
Satin Nickel - FTD445BSN
c/c 128mm, Length 188mm
Satin Nickel - FTD445CSN
c/c 160mm, Length 220mm
Satin Nickel - FTD445DSN
c/c 192mm, Length 252mm
Satin Nickel - FTD445ESN
c/c 224mm, Length 284mm
Satin Nickel - FTD445FSN
c/c 288mm, Length 348mm
Satin Nickel - FTD445GSN
c/c 352mm, Length 412mm
Satin Nickel - FTD445HSN
c/c 384mm, Length 444mm
Satin Nickel - FTD445JSN
c/c 448mm, Length 508mm
Satin Nickel - FTD445LSN
c/c 512mm, Length 572mm
Satin Nickel - FTD445MSN
c/c 608mm, Length 668mm
Satin Nickel - FTD445NSN
c/c 640mm, Length 700mm
Satin Nickel - FTD445PSN
c/c 768mm, Length 828mm
Satin Nickel - FTD445VSN
c/c 960mm, Length 1020mm
Satin Nickel - FTD445WSN
c/c 1024mm, Length 1084mm

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Dimensions - Sizes Available

FTD445A - c/c 96mm, Length 156mm, Projection 35mm

FTD445B - c/c 128mm, Length 188mm, Projection 35mm

FTD445C - c/c 160mm, Length 220mm, Projection 35mm

FTD445D - c/c 192mm, Length 252mm, Projection 35mm

FTD445E - c/c 224mm, Length 284mm, Projection 35mm

FTD445F - c/c 288mm, Length 348mm, Projection 35mm

FTD445G - c/c 352mm, Length 412mm, Projection 35mm

FTD445H - c/c 384mm, Length 444mm, Projection 35mm

FTD445J - c/c 448mm, Length 508mm, Projection 35mm

FTD445L - c/c 512mm, Length 572mm, Projection 35mm

FTD445M - c/c 608mm, Length 668mm, Projection 35mm

FTD445N - c/c 640mm, Length 700mm, Projection 35mm

FTD445P - c/c 768mm, Length 828mm, Projection 35mm

FTD445V - c/c 960mm, Length 1020mm, Projection 35mm

FTD445W - c/c 1024mm, Length 1084mm, Projection 35mm

Finish Available - Satin Nickel, Supplied with M4 screws, Supplied in Singles, 10 Year Mechanical Warranty, 12mm Diameter Bar, *V and W with Centre support

A timeless industry standard and one of the most popular handles used in the UK. A straightforward T-Bar handle. A substantial smooth round bar atop two inset cylindrical posts. Robust and durable and able to withstand the rigours of a busy environment. Commonly used in modern interiors in both residential and commercial interiors. Available in a vast array of sizes and finishes.

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