Picture of 3" Butt Hinge

3" Butt Hinge

Finish Available - Urban Bronze
Manufacturer: Atlantic UK

Dimensions - 3" X 2" X 2.2mm Butt Hinge

Base Material – Solid Brass, Finish Available - Urban Bronze

Supplied in pairs, Supplied with screws 

The butt hinge is probably the most common type of hinge to be found around the home,

most often used for both casement windows and internal doors and some cupboards

The butt hinge is formed by two rectangular flaps joined together by a pin which runs through an interlocking knuckle

One flap is screw fixed to the edge of the door, the other is attached to the inside of the door frame,

and the knuckle set inline with the face of the frame and door

These hinges must be set into the edge of the door and frame using a wood chisel, and cannot be adjusted once attached


Urban Bronze - ABH3222UB
£6.99 inc VAT