Gothic D Handle

Gothic D Handle

Finish Available - Beeswax
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Beeswax - BW5584A
c/c 81mm, Length 150mm
Beeswax - BW5584B
c/c 112mm, Length 106mm
Beeswax - BW5584C
c/c 175mm, Length 200mm

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Dimensions - Sizes Available

BW5584A - c/c 81mm, Length 150mm, Projection 29mm

BW5584B - c/c 112mm, Length 106mm, Projection 42mm

BW5584C - c/c 175mm, Length 200mm, Projection 50mm

Finish Available - Beeswax, Supplied with M4 screws, Supplied in Singles

10 Year Mechanical Warranty

For matching cupboard knob see PE1078



Beeswax Finish (for internal use only)

The beeswax finish is essentially the simple combination of hand forged fired metal finish with wax/ Due to the simplicity, the finish is essentially everlasting as long as it is maintained correctly with Carlisle Brass wax.

Sometimes because of the temperature changes your product may have a slight white bloom, we recommend that you polish it with a soft cloth and a small amount of maintenance was to restore the finish.

If your product is fitted in a damp area such as a bathroom it may have potential to exhibit surface rust. If this occurs we recommend that the product is cleaned with fine wire wool and Carlisle Brass maintenance wax is applied to restore the finish.

Maintenance wax

The use of maintenance was is necessary to restore finish and afford protection to the beeswax range of products. If surface rust occurs then simply rub the affected area with wire wool and apply the maintenance wax with a rag or brush. It is important to note that where mechanical parts come together and there is abrasive movement, the wax surface will eventually be lost. We recommend that you oil these moving parts occasionally.

NB: There may be very slight colour or size differences with these products as every item is hand forged. Where this would be a problem with other ironmongery products we feel it actually enhances the appeal of this range.

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