Embrace Contemporary Design with Aesthetically-Modern Door Handles

Cubik door handles in contemporary styleInnovative, fresh design ideas are ensuring that the world of home interiors is constantly evolving. Staying ahead of current trends can be difficult; but researching them is a worthwhile investment of your time. The reward for doing so is ensuring you own a home that embraces small contemporary concepts that ensure your home radiates as a beacon of modern design.

Our extensive range of door handles ensures that we are able to provide you with a service that is guaranteed to be at the forefront of home renovations – including modern design concepts. We are constantly evolving our catalogue; and are able to provide you with an entirety of door handles that offer variety, class and the potential for leaving a fantastic impression on visitors to your home.

Understanding the materials that provide you with the best possible platform to impress – whilst keeping your home wonderfully contemporary in the process – is essential. Polished brass, polished chrome and satin chrome are all perfectly placed to be utilized in the production of contemporary door handles.

Polished Brass Door Handles

For doors made of woods such as beech or pine; polished brass handles can be the perfect compliment. The material is perfectly suited to match the subtle tones of these woods – evidencing to visitors your knowledge of contemporary design concepts. Our polished brass products that we have in stock are protected by only the most advanced of lacquers; ensuring many years of service from your product. Metal cleaner and aerosol sprays should never be used to care for polished brass door handles once they are installed – use either a cloth moistened with soapy water or a soft cloth with beeswax for the task.

Polished Chrome Door Handles

As chrome plating that is often placed on brass or steel surfaces then polished; polished chrome is another excellent material choice for your modern door handles. The cool, silver tones often have no need to be lacquer-coated; as the surface rarely tarnishes. The slickly-stylized, sparkling finish perfectly emanates modern design tones. To care for your polished chrome door handles once they are installed you should simply lightly dust them with a non-abrasive cloth – avoid wax polish as this can create smearing which is difficult to remove.

Satin Chrome Door Handles

For a less sparkling and reflective product, choose satin chrome door handles. The material provides the appearance of a more of a painted finish; and can be perfectly blended with subtlety-painted doors to provide a modern finish that is duller in appearance than polished chrome. Satin chrome is regularly implemented in contemporary home design; and is particularly resistant to corrosion.

At Handsome Handles; we provide door handles for an array of different customers; in both the materials mentioned as well as many more. We’re vastly experienced in matching the right product to the right customer; ensuring that choosing us as your supplier is a decision you won’t regret. You can contact us via our contact page; or alternatively why not give us a call? Our number is 07961832812; where one of our enthusiastic team will be delighted to take your call.

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