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Door Handles Add Value to Your Home on a Budget

Making changes to your property needn’t be an expensive process. By focusing on smaller areas you can make upgrades that add value to your home and help impress your guests. Door furniture is a great place to focus your energy, as it’s accessible to almost every home budget. With that in mind, we at Handsome Handles are perfectly placed to help.

Our door knockers, door knobs and door handles all come with plenty of choice attached to them; so you’ll never be short of options when buying from us. We understand that every home is different and will always do our utmost to match you to the pieces that best fit within the grander scheme of your property.

Here’s a more in-depth look at how some of our door handles could work for you and your home:

Internal Door Handles           

buckingham door handlesThe interior of your home is a great place to start. Whether you’re after designs on a backplate – or pieces with a lever on rose – we’re sure to be able to find something suitable for you. Got a contemporary home? Our Algarve door handles on backplate could be ideal. Need something more traditional? Then check out our Barley Twist door handles on a gothic backplate. Whatever your requirements you can guarantee that we’ll be able to help.

External Door Handles

Our door handles are also highly-suitable when optimised on the exterior of your home. We have a number of pieces that can withstand the forces of the elements so these products present the ideal way to impressively finish exposed sections of your property. Conservatories and patio doors are just some of the many places where they can be carefully integrated; with varied choice on offer once again, depending on your needs.

Room-Specific Door Handles

We often assist customers who need door handles that have been designed specifically for a certain room within their home. Whilst you can feel free to adapt any of our pieces as you best see fit; there are certain designs that lend themselves particularly well to kitchens and bathrooms; to name two examples. With everything from pull kitchen handles through to slickly-stylised designs to match to classy contemporary bathroom furniture; you’d be wise to place your confidence in the Handsome Handles team.

Door Knobs and Door Knockers

All of our door furniture is great for improving the design schemes of a variety of properties. It’s never too late to consider a refresh and when you make the decision to go ahead we’ll be there to help. In addition to the products we’ve looked at here; our door knockers and door knobs are continuing to have an equally positive effect on homes in the Sheffield and Rotherham areas.

Also designed to suit the needs of the property project in question; they present another great way to impress your guests by adding decorative character to the grander scheme of your home. To find out more, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. You can call us on 07961 832 812; or drop us an email to We look forward to hearing from you.


Kitchen Door Handles to Upgrade Your Home

Here at Handsome Handles, we supply a variety of door furniture to our customers. Our vast ranges give you great choice on everything from decorative front door knockers to new door handles; so you’re sure to be able to find the most appropriate products to upgrade your home when you choose to purchase from us.

contemporary kitchen door handlesOur kitchen door handles have proven to be consistently popular over the years; simultaneously combining style, material and shape in a stunning way. With both form and functionality taken care of, these products have helped many property owners to add the finishing touch to their homes over the years.

Deciding on the right kitchen door handles should be an enjoyable process and to help point you in the right direction we’ve taken a closer look at some of the options available to you with us:

Contemporary Kitchen Door Handles

With designs in stock made from the cutting-edge materials such as stainless steel and polished chrome; our contemporary kitchen door handles are sure to appeal to you. From angular to curved; slender to bold; we are extensively experienced when it comes to making sure that we have the right style for everybody.

We also carefully consider how particular pieces can match with existing furniture. Many of our modern kitchen door furniture pieces are well-placed to suit contemporary kitchen units made from materials such as acrylic; and they can often be the key factor towards whether you successfully complete the aesthetics of your kitchen.

Traditional Kitchen Door Handles

For more traditional homes, we’ve specifically-tailored the kitchen door handles that we stock to suit the needs of varying homeowners. We’ve done this so that you’re able to match an appropriate material to either your existing furniture units or the ones that you may be installing within a new kitchen.

Pewter-effect door handles and black antique pieces are always popular choices with property owners who have one eye on developing historical home schemes in Sheffield, Rotherham and beyond; as they resonate with elements of traditional property design.

Don’t Forget to Check Out Our Door Knockers and Door Knobs Too

Whilst we’re experts in the supply of bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, external and internal door handles; we also stock a number of other door furniture pieces too. Our door knockers and door knobs are ideal for decorating your home in a cost-effective way and can add value once they’re installed.

The many other benefits that come attached to choosing our products include the chance to impress friends and families visiting your home and the fact that they give you the means to truly complete an interior or exterior scheme. We’re confident that you’ll see the value in our door furniture and want to find out more about how we could help you to transform your home.

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To speak to us about any of our fantastic pieces please don’t hesitate to contact us today. You can talk to a member of our helpful and professional team by calling 07961832812. Or, alternatively, why not drop us an email to

How to Care for Your Door Handles

When you’ve invested in new door handles, taking care of their upkeep can further ensure their longevity. Often you’ll have bought your new home furniture with one eye on improving the overall aesthetics of your property, so it makes sense to take care of it.

shaped-regency-door-handles-on-backplateAs experts in the supply of door handles to the Sheffield and Rotherham area, we’ve put together a guide to how best to care for your purchases depending on the material.  

Antique Brass

To care for internal door handles, you simply need to wipe over internal fittings with a soft, non-abrasive cloth; buffing as you clean. It’s worth bearing in mind that over time, distressed finishes are naturally intended to wear to enhance the aged appearance. This may result in colour variation and is not a sign that your door furniture needs replacing.

Polished Chrome and Satin Chrome

Chrome is an extremely durable and hard wearing material that has been designed to last the test of time. The only likely care that it will require is the removal of finger marks on polished services. A good way to deal with this is through lightly dusting your chrome door handles with a soft, non-abrasive cloth. You should always avoid using wax polish with this material.

Satin Nickel

For satin nickel, the care requirements depend on whether the fittings are internal or external at the property. If they are indoors, simply wipe over the surface with a non-abrasive cloth and buff gently until you get a shine. For external fittings, you will need to sparingly apply a high quality wax polish; which you will need to buff gently with before it dries and causes smears.

Polished Brass

First and foremost, it’s vital that you don’t use any metal or spray polishes here as the girt or solvents commonly found in these products can damage the material. The technique of buffing with a soft non-abrasive cloth is common to polished brass care treatment, but there are other things to consider for the maintenance of external fittings. They need to be wiped over with a good wax polish, before the wax dries and causes any smears.

Black Antique

As iron in any form can be vulnerable to rusting, a lot of the door handles that we supply have been covered by zinc plating and powder coating to prevent this as much as possible. For ongoing care, a light oiling may be required occasionally to ensure smooth functionality. Additionally, any harmful deposits which cause corrosion can be removed through wiping with a lightly oiled cloth.

Door Knobs and Door Knockers Also Available Here at Handsome Handles

We also stock a wide variety of door knobs and door knockers, providing you with plenty of scope for home improvement. If you’d like to find out more about any of our products we’d be delighted to hear from you. You can reach us on 07961832812 or 01246731481. Alternatively, you can drop us an email to

3 Types of Door Handles to Enhance Your Home

amarillo lever on rose door handlesAt Handsome Handles, we provide extensive choice of both traditional and contemporary door handles. With a variety of styles to choose from, you’re sure to find the products that are best matched to your home. Understanding the differences between the various types of these products can be the key to successful integration of them within your home.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of the 3 primary types of door handles that we stock. This should help you to make the choices best suited to the interior of your property, leaving you endlessly satisfied in the process:

Door Handles on Backplate

Chrome, black iron and antique brass are just 3 of the many materials used to make the impressive variety of door handles on backplate that we stock. We have a range of styles suitable for a whole host of interior designs, so you’ll be able to find the product your after.

We have handles matched to both lengthier and shorter backplates, the choice simply depends on what it is that you require. Curly Tail, Art Deco and Edwardian handles are just a small sample of the sort of styles that have available.

Lever on Rose Door Handles

Perfect for those seeking slim-line door handles, our lever on rose designs can be easily supplied to meet your needs. Particularly prevalent within contemporary homes, they resonate with elements of minimalistic interior design.

From sleek, stainless steel to satin nickel, we stock an abundance of lever on rose door handles suitable for a variety of individuals. Each design has been ergonomically-sculpted to perfection, with functionality always receiving the same consideration as form.

Pull Door Handles

Pull door handles are another great option for you with relation to interior property renovations. They provide a great way to make an impression on visitors to your home and offer a completely different option from the other two styles featured in this article.

As is the case with all the door handles that we supply, you have the option of both classic and modern styles, with polished brass, polished chrome, satin nickel, antique brass and satin chrome all popular choices with our customers.

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If you’d like to find out more about how our door handles could work for you and your home, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. The number to dial is 07961832812. We also have an abundance of door knobs and door knockers in stock, which could be equally perfect for sprucing up your home. 

5 Reasons Why You Should Update the Door Handles at Your Home

The smaller features of your home can be the most charming. Door handles present a great way to enhance your home without any upheaval and as a leading UK supplier of these products we’ve put together a list of 5 great reasons why you should consider new door handles at your property:

They Can Add Value to Your Home

It should never be underestimated how much difference the minor details can make to the overall value of your home. Prospective buyers are always on the look-out for pieces of a home that help it to stand out from the rest of the market; and if you’re looking to sell, showing consideration of the minor details could significantly benefit you in the long run. Door handles present a great opportunity to show attention to detail.

Internal and External Door Handles Can Add Character

wing door handle on backplateEven if you’re not looking to sell, don’t underestimate the appeal that can be generated through the introduction of new internal and external door handles in your home. From wing shaped handles on a backplate, through to Cinco lever handles on rose, the choice with Handsome Handles truly is expansive; and should provide you with all the potential you need to make a great character statement at your property.

Door Handles Can Contemporise Your Property

For many homeowners one of the most occurring difficulties that they face is that there property has begun to look dated. For those people, it can be difficult to know where to start with regards to a home facelift, but we at Handsome Handles are experts in the supply of a whole range of contemporary door handles that can stylishly bring your home into the 21st century.

They Present a Cost-Effective Means to Upgrade Your Home

One of the greatest strengths of installing new door handles is that they are an extremely cost effective product. For the impression that they can leave on visitors, the relatively small outlay that is required to purchase them pales into insignificance. You’d be hard pressed to find another feature at your home which could be successfully upgraded in such a cost effective manner.

Door Handles Are a Great Conversation Starter

They are also a great way to impress visitors to your home. They evidence your consideration of the minor details and can help you to form a reputation amongst your friends as an advocate of classy contemporary interior design.

Contact Handsome Handles for Door Handles, Door Knobs and Door Knockers

Here at Handsome Handles we’re extensively experienced in the supply of not only door handles, but also door knobs and door knockers. If you’d like to speak to us more about any of our products, you can get in touch via 07961832812, or 01246 731481. One of our dedicated and friendly customer service team will be delighted to take your call.

Add Character to Your Home with Black Antique Iron Door Handles

Establishing a unique sense of design within your home can be a rewarding process. Many people are looking to diversify the interior of their property; and with careful consideration of how to do this it’s something that can be achieved with minimal fuss. Internal door handles and external door handles are a great place to start; and there’s only one supplier to choose.

Here at Handsome Handles we’re the industry leader in the supply of door handles in Sheffield, Rotherham and beyond; and it’s easy to see why. Our extensive ranges of unique products are perfect for adding a cost-effective, unique touch to your home and the substantial choice that we offer has played a big part in us building up many happy client relationships.

For those looking to make a bold character statement at their property, our black antique iron door handles could be the ideal product. Coming in a range of innovative and stylish designs, they’re perfect for allowing you to add real character within your home. The stately undertones attached to the material are synonymously classy and historical.

Gothic Undertones with Black Iron Door Handles

curly tail door handle on gothic backplateMaybe you’d like to have a feature room which is steeped in history? Or perhaps you’d like to give your entire property a traditional makeover? Whatever your requirements may be, our black antique iron products are versatile enough so that they can be incorporated as subtlety or grandly as you wish them to be.

From our Curly Tail door handle on a backplate, through to our Barley Twist door handle on a Gothic backplate, the choice really is inviting. We take pride in being able to source some of the most unusual and unique door handles around; and we know from experience that those door handles can be some of the most popular with both new and existing customers.

If the Gothic style of our black antique iron range doesn’t appeal to you, make sure you take a look around the rest of our site, as we’re bound to have more door handles that are better suited to your own needs. We also have a wide variety of contemporary door handles cast in modern materials such as polished chrome that can help customers with homes designed at the other end of the spectrum.

Contact Handsome Handles for More on Our Door Handles, Door Knobs and Door Knockers

We’d love the opportunity to speak to you more about our expansive variety of door handles, as well as any of our fantastic door knobs and door knockers which you can read more about in this blog. You can call us on 07961832812, where one of our experienced and friendly staff will only be too happy to take your call.

We’re sure that well be able to help you resolve any enquiries that you may have. For those wishing to contact us via our website you can instead look to get in touch by visiting our contact page.

Vitalize Your Bathroom with New Door Handles or Door Knobs

Adding that little touch of class to your home is always extremely satisfying. For people who are upgrading existing rooms – or building new ones – our door handles and door knobs can be the perfect fit. Our many years of combined experience have helped us to build up an extensive product range; and we’re proud of the choice that we’re able to offer.

Made from a mixture of both contemporary and traditional materials; our range of products at Handsome Handles are suitable for matching an entirety of varying home decor styles. Different rooms are likely to require different design touches; and we can help you find the merchandise that will be best suited to each room in your home.

Grand Schemes or Cost-Effective Solutions

Taking the bathroom as a case study; we’re well placed to offer advice to help you visualize our commodities in situ. For a successful bathroom upgrade, you’ll first need to recognize the other materials that are in play within the room. If you’re starting from scratch, this won’t be a problem as you can decide on all your materials for your new bathroom before you’ve begun.

For minor alterations to an existing room however, there’s always more to consider; but sometimes smaller upgrades may be more suited - they are more cost-effective to introduce than an entirely new room. Whether you’re adding smaller touches to an existing room or starting one from scratch; our products are perfect for either.

Contemporary Bathroom with Satin Chrome Door Handles

For contemporary bathrooms with subtle wood-effect tiling and acrylic cabinets, any one of our satin chrome internal door handles or external door handles would be perfect to match. The classy silver appearance would stand out as a classy modern feature; whilst slickly complimenting the smooth acrylic.

Traditional Bathroom with Barley Twist Door Handles

barley twist door handlesIn complete contrast, many other people like to keep their home feeling more traditional. For those sorts of historical bathroom schemes, our Barley Twist door handles could be an excellent match. The black antique iron resonates with grand Victorian design; whilst the product comes in a bathroom version.

You can find out more about many of our other door handles and door knobs that we stock by visiting You’ll be able to see more detail on the products mentioned here; whilst you may be inspired to make home design decisions of your own.

 If you’d like to speak to a member of our dedicated team instead, you can give us a call on 07961832812; where someone from Handsome Handles will only be too happy to help resolve any enquiries that you may have.

How Brass Door Handles Can Transform Your Home

Carlisle brass door handlesWhen it comes to home improvements; it’s always nice to be able to incorporate affordable, luxury features. It is often the small aspects of home design that people notice the most; and they provide a great platform from which to impress visitors. At Handsome Handles, we provide products that give you the perfect opportunity to achieve that great impression.

Our extensive range of door handles give customers a vast range of choice with regards to shape, size and material – with brass door handles a particularly popular choice for many homes. We stock a range of brass handles from recognized manufacturers – including Carlisle Brass handles. The style of the handle you choose is exclusively up to you; it simply depends on whether you want your home to emanate a more traditional or contemporary style.

Antique Brass or Polished Brass – The Choice is Yours

Antique brass door handles are often associated with more traditional homes; and are particularly popular for those wishing to develop more traditional designs. The distressed finishes are designed to portray an aged appearance from the date they’re installed; exhibiting colour variations between sets and delivering a nature of uniqueness to each antique brass product. The duller, weathered appearance of antique brass can perfectly complement woods such as oak; combining to leave a home resonating with tradition and class.

For those seeking to develop a more contemporary home; polished brass door handles would be more suitable. Polished brass has the benefit of being more resistant to tarnishing over time; due to protection of the material through the application of an advanced lacquer - ensuring long-lasting quality. It is essential polished brass is properly maintained; through the use of a cloth moistened with soapy water or with beeswax. Metal cleaner and aerosol sprays should always be avoided when caring for polished brass handles. To achieve a modern design feel; polished brass can be blended with beech or pine – beautifully complementing those woods and enhancing your home in the process.

Finding the Right Product for You

The range of choice we offer at Handsome Handles leaves us confident that you will find the right product for you. If you do ever find yourself looking for something not in our stock; we can often source the product you may be after. Put simply; we always go the extra mile for our customers. You can call us on 07961832812 to speak to one of our dedicated team; or alternatively, visit our contact page to get in touch. 

Canadian City of Vancouver Bans the Door Knob in Favour of Door Handles

Door knobs banned in Vancouver in favour of door handlesYou could be forgiven for thinking that the title of this blog post is joke, but seriously, it’s real! As part of the new building code in Vancouver, Canada, traditional round door knobs have been banned in favour of flat lever door handles which are easier to grip. This style of door handle must be used in all new construction according to the new rules, including private residential housing, from March 2014. Apparently, it is part of an effort to ensure that Vancouver’s building code reflects principles of “universal design” – construction that accommodates people who may be impaired by injury or old age.

Art Deco Door Knobs Removed From Vancouver City Hall

According to local government, the new building code is an attempt to make accessibility easier for the elderly and disabled residents of the Canadian city. As well as the new door handle requirements, Vancouver has passed other building requirements such as wider door frames, levers on taps, and minimum height standards for plug sockets.

Although the new code only applies to new buildings, not existing ones, it has caused a bit of an uproar among people who don’t like the idea of the local government being able to dictate such minor details in their homes. People are also angry that all the Art Deco door knobs in Vancouver City Hall were removed and replaced with door handles with gold door levers.

‘Good Design’ of Door Handles

The city’s former chief building inspector, Will Johnston, told the Vancouver Sun: “Technology changes. Things change. We live with that. When I look at what we are proposing, it is simply good design. It allows for homes to be built that can be used more easily for everybody.”

Here at Handsome Handles, we are certainly relieved that door knobs haven’t been banned in the UK. We love door knobs, and are very proud of our extensive range or centre door knobs, cabinet knobs, and various other styles and variations on the classic. Although, we do love door handles just as much!

If you are searching for new door handles or door knobs for your home, we have an extensive range of internal door handles, external door handles and door knobs available. Whether you are looking for sleek modern design or something more traditional, call Handsome Handles on 07961 832812 or visit our contact page to get in touch.

The Invention and History of Door Knobs

Old style door knob and knockerDoor knobs have a very interesting history.  Although it is difficult to provide an exact date of when door knobs first came into use, the first documentation of the invention of a door knob was in 1878.  The U.S. Patent Office received a submission made for improvements on a door-closing device by an African American inventor named Osbourn Dorsey. Door knobs and door handles are now a vital part of modern doors!

What Did People Use before Door Knobs and Door Handles Were Invented?

Before door knobs and door handles were invented, people often just used locks with keys, if they could afford to have a lock fitted. Alternatively, instead of locking a door, they would simply keep their valuables in boxes or chests that could be locked, and the key kept safe. For the wealthy, a servant called a Chamberlain would be trusted with the keys to the king’s locks, who would keep his treasures locked away in a bedroom.

Therefore, closing doors and keeping them secured didn’t actually require door knobs. The problem was that locks were very expensive, and poorer people just didn’t have the money to be able to afford them. That meant that they had to rely on simpler, cheaper ways to open and close doors. For this they came up with the latch-string. By using this method, which involved the use of a bar across the door, people inside were kept safe and so were their possessions.

So, instead of a door handle or door knob, they would make a small hole in the door and insert a leather thong or piece of string or cord and loop it around the bar. Pulling the cord enabled the bar to be raised, which meant that someone could enter. This latch-string method wasn’t really practical for interior doors of larger houses, however, as it took too long to undo and redo the latches as you walked through the house.

Internal Door Handles and External Door Handles in Modern Houses

Thankfully, door handles and door knobs are now widespread, both on interior and exterior doors. External door handles may be accompanied by a lock for safety and security, and interior door handles and door knobs may be left without for easy access throughout a building.

As experienced suppliers of contemporary door handles and exquisite door knobs in Sheffield, Handsome Handles have a wide range of door handles, door knobs and door knockers. For more information about our great range, or to make an enquiry, don’t hesitate to contact us on 07961 832812, or visit the contact page of our website to get in touch.