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Handsome Handles welcomed From The Anvil many years ago to our growing range of ironmongery products, here is what they have to say...


Evolving out of a joinery manufacturing company established in 1989, we are anything but a typical architectural hardware distributor.  We differentiate.  Atlantic UK, from our inception in 2008, had a mission, a mission formed and held by our founder and owner, Adrian Ledgeway, to revolutionise the architectural hardware industry. 


We constantly strive to be the most forward thinking, innovative, customer centric supplier in architectural hardware.  How do we do this?  We ask questions, we listen to feedback, we analyse, we act and will always try and satisfy their requirements.  Atlantic UK bring to market the products you want at realistic prices.  Atlantic is still a small business by many standards, and we like it that way.  We know who we are.  We know our customers individually and they know us.


Our enthusiastic and dedicated long standing team are passionate in providing the simple, honest, on-time quality service that sets Atlantic UK apart. Atlantic UK prides itself not only on its innovative and beautiful products but also on providing the highest level of service.


With our comprehensive network of dedicated merchants and retailers throughout the UK, you are never far away from our beautiful collections of finest architectural hardware.


Our quality products are manufactured to the highest of standards and will add that distinctive finishing touch to your project.  Many of our designer door furniture products are designed and manufactured to our own specification, encompassed in sevens stunning ranges, from the Vintage Old English to contemporary Forme Italian range.  Ultimately luxurious, and initiating urban designs trends since 1952, the stunning Forme Designer Lever Collection is entirely Made in Italy, and produced to a quality that only a company with over 65 years manufacturing experience can guarantee.  The strong and bold Urban finishes enhance the beautiful styles, making a design statement that will inspire and entice. With more than 100 different designs and 30 beautiful finishes you will find something to compliment virtually any every style of room. 


                                                                                              HU-440797859 in Wetherby, West Yorkshire, UK on Houzz
Get a Handle on Your Pets

Handles to pet proof your homeLincolnshire living couple, Sue and Stewart are the owners of chocolate Labrador, Rollo.  He looks sweet enough, but behind this deceptive exterior, Rollo is a living food disposal unit, eating food and its packaging that does not need disposing of!  Nine year old, Rollo, has even eaten a packet of cigarettes, a jar of mincemeat (including the glass jar) and nearly died after his suicidal attempt at bulking up on rat poison.

It started off as being mildly amusing, with Sue describing Rollo as the ‘pre-rinse cycle’ on her dishwasher because he licked every single item inside whenever she opened the door.  Then Rollo learnt how to take the lid off yoghurts without any assistance before he consumed the contents, he studied how his owners opened the kitchen doors and copied their actions with the kitchen door handles using his mouth, this even included the fridge.  This intelligent canine even worked out that if he bounced up and down on the trampoline he could knock the apples off the tree.  But something needed to be done by Stewart and Sue, as they decided after 6 years after having rescued him from Labrador Lifeline Trust, they simply could no longer handle his constant binge eating and their own starvation.

The time had come, therefore, to dog-proof the kitchen and other specific areas of the house.  This was done by adding new kitchen handles to all of the cupboards that were impossible for Rollo to use, the fridge has been equipped with a high pull handle which has, to date, been successful.  Unlike the supposedly dog-proof bin, doors with chain, stairgates, briefcase and Tupperware boxes which have all been rather the opposite.  This gigantic kitchen makeover has cost an astonishing £25,000, which, by the sound of it, is less than Rollo eats in a week!

Handsome Handles Can Handle Anything

Handsome Handles are a South Yorkshire based company, providing exquisite contemporary door handles, door knockers and door knobs for your home.  We carefully select the best and most Handsome Handles especially for you, delivering to the whole of England and Scotland.  We are stockists of M Marcus, Carlisle Brass and Chase Atlantic which are all on show on our website for you to see today.

Contact Us at Handsome Handles Today

If you are in need of new door handles or kitchen handles then why not get in contact with us at Handsome Handles.  We can help you dog-proof or child-proof your kitchen and house if you feel that it is needed.  We have all the suitable kitchen handles, kitchen cabinet knobs and internal door handles you could possibly need.  So, give us a call on 07961 832 812, email us at or check out or website by clicking here to see exactly what we have in store for you and your new dog-proof, child-proof kitchen.