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Contemporary Vs Traditional Door Knockers

When it comes to adding new door knockers to your home, there are a variety of things to consider. Material, style and cost all important; whilst it’s almost impossible to make the right calls without focusing on whether you want your new door fixtures to be traditional or contemporary.

This notion will form the key basis of the decisions that you make, as you don’t want any new purchases to clash with your existing property. If you’re happy with your home’s wider design scheme and just want to add new door knockers, then make sure you match like with like.

Or, if you’re starting from scratch and completely renovating your home, then spend some time deciding whether you want to go down the contemporary or traditional route. Once you’ve done your research, the following advice will help you with the path you end up going down.

Traditional Door KnockersHeavy set traditional door knockers

Here at Handsome Handles, we have a number of traditional door knocker designs; influenced by famous pieces throughout history. Lion’s heads, giant hands and Georgian-infused selections are just examples of the many potential products that are available to you with us; giving you the freedom you need when it comes to any purchases.

As well as the sculpted appearance of any piece you choose, what you’ll often find yourself studying most is the materials used to make them. Black iron and antique brass are both giveaways for popular traditional door knockers.

Contemporary Door Knockers

A common feature of contemporary properties is that they can be noticeably striking in their design. That pristine, stylised style can be beautifully refreshing, so it’s essential that it’s not spoilt through lack of consideration for finishing touches like the door knockers.

To give yourself the best chance of successfully integrating any new door furniture, you’d be wise to look into products made from materials such as polished chrome and satin nickel. These are specifically-tailored for modern properties and are sure to have the desired effect.

Door Knobs and Door Handles

As well as our door knockers, we also continue to supply an impressive range of door knobs and door handles to our clients. Also available for both modern and contemporary homes, we can help you to find appropriate internal and external fittings.

Further to this, if we don’t have the product in stock that you’re searching for, we’ll always go out of our way to source it for you. For us, it’s all about providing an unrivalled service that will leave you feeling confident enough to tackle any door furniture upgrades that you’re keen to make.

Contact Handsome Handles

To find out more about any of our door furniture products here at Handsome Handles, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us today. We’d be delighted to hear from you and you can feel confident that we’ll provide you with the best advice as we continue to remain the leading provider of door knockers, door knobs and door handles to the Sheffield and Rotherham areas.

4 Material Choices for Your New Internal Door Handles

Internal door handles may seem insignificant within the grander scheme of your home; but you should always remember to consider them carefully when making property upgrades. When integrated in the right way, they can add a touch of class and a sprinkle of charm; so it pays to research these door furniture pieces to help you make the right decisions.

If you do, you can be sure that you’ll impress visiting friends and family with your ability to pay attention to the minor details of your property – but how can you be sure to get it right? The 3 most important factors are how any new internal door handles will fit with the existing interior design of your home; the design of the pieces you choose; and the materials they are made from.

We’ve taken a look at the last of those points for you to help give an indication of how chrome, nickel, brass, black antique and bronze would match to your property. This should help you to make the well-informed decisions that you need to:

ChromeInternal kitchen door handles

Chrome is versatile, slick and stylised; making it perfect for the most contemporary of properties. Whether you’re looking for internal chrome door handles for kitchen and bathroom furniture; or something more standard for select doors within your home, we’ve got the choice to keep you satisfied.


The subtle, unassuming shine of satin nickel makes this another ideal material selection for door handles within modern homes. It bears similarities to stainless steel and is often applied as a brush finish to a brass base. The finish it brings is almost warm in appearance and is ideal for adding an understated contemporary touch.

Black Antique

Suitable for traditional homes with doors made from rugged woods such as oak, black antique resonates with property design from previous centuries and is perfect for adding real character to any interior.


Lightly-varnished wood is perfect to match bronze door handles to; as the tone of the wood helps to highlight their quality. Bronze acts as another example of a material that works particularly well within traditional home design schemes. Door hardware made in this way is sure to impress any visiting friends and family. 

Door Knobs, Door Knockers and Kitchen Door Handles for Your Home

As well as supplying our wide range of door handles to property owners throughout the UK, we also offer choice on plenty more different types of door furniture. These include door knobs, door knockers and kitchen door handles; all of which are available in an equally abundant range of materials.

For us, it’s all about continuing to offer the best choice and quality to our valued customers. With many years of experience operating within the trade; we are well-placed to do this to the best possible effect. To find out more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. You can do so by calling 07961832812; or via email to

Builder Unknowingly Purchases Door Knobs Worth 2 Million Pounds

Delighted builder Brian Cairns has been presented with an incredible opportunity to make £2million; after chancing upon a 12-tonne load of scrap metal with a hidden secret. Within the collection - which he paid £20,000 for - were a collection of vintage door knobs which he has since had valued at the incredible multi-million pound sum.

He told the Independent: “I bought it all for scrap but I started looking into what they really were and realised many were vintage Italian handles. These are items that you would never have thought you would have the chance to buy. It’s a once in a lifetime thing. I think I was just lucky.”

655,000 Brass Objects Including Door Knobsdoor knobs for property improvement

The door knobs were found within what was a larger haul of door fittings, with 655,000 brass objects – including screws and hinges – hidden within. The antique door knobs themselves are worth around £150 each. The Italian company who produced the pieces went out of business 55 years ago, adding to the value of Mr. Cairns discovery.

To transfer his findings to go on sale at Jarrow Auction Rooms, the builder had to hire two seven-and-a-half tonne lorries. The 500-mile journey took over 2 days to complete, as the sheer weight of the contents forced a maximum average speed limit of 20mph to be imposed.

Thankfully, we at Handsome Handles have door knobs available to you that won’t burn such a big hole in your pocket as these! With pieces designed to meet all different types of budgets, you can be sure of finding satisfaction with us.

Unique Door Knobs for Traditional and Contemporary Homes

Our primary aim is to provide our clients with cost-effective door furniture that can help them to make any desired improvements to their home. Whether that be a traditional or contemporary property, we have so much choice available to you that you can feel confident that we’ll have the suitable products designed to match your needs.

We continue to be able to offer such choice thanks to our ability to source a variety of door knobs that offer choice with relation to both design style and material choice. Both of these will form a vital part of the decisions you’ll need to make on the products you end up purchasing.

Contact Us for Door Handles and Door Knockers

Our impressive stock ranges here at Handsome Handles aren’t purely limited to our door knobs. We also continue to supply a number of fantastic door handles and door knockers to our clients too, as we continue to satisfy the varying requirements of a number of different homeowners in the Sheffield and Rotherham areas.

To find out more, please don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and get in touch today. One of our professional and friendly team will be able to assist with any queries that you may have; and advise you on the best decisions you can make for you and you interior property design scheme. You can reach us by calling 07961 832 812.