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4 Tips to Help You Choose the Right Door Knockers

When it comes to making any changes at your property, you’ll want to carry them out in the most effective way. At Handsome Handles we deeply understand this, as we’re the leading supplier of door furniture to the Sheffield and Rotherham areas. As a result of this and the advice we regularly provide, you can feel confident in choosing us to make such alterations.

Cost, style and the quality of the company you’re buying from are all important factors which can make a difference to the success you have. We’ve put together some useful tips which are worth your consideration when it comes to purchasing new door knockers:

How Will Your New Door Knockers Work with Your Existing Property Scheme

This is perhaps the most important thing to consider when it comes to buying your new door knockers. Unless you’ve recently acquired a new build house, it’s likely that you’ll either be living or moving into premises that are already largely decorated. If you’re budget is limited then you may have to work with the existing decor, so blending in new door furniture with that needs to be done carefully.

What Material Will You Choose?

The finish of your front, side and back doors will ultimately have a noticeable say on the door knockers you’re able to use. We present an abundance of options to ensure that we provide something for everyone. Designs made from polished chrome, satin nickel, black iron and many more materials are all included in our product stock.


As well as taking care of the aesthetical appearance of your new door knockers, it’s also useful for you to think about the ergonomics of them. These pieces of door furniture are particularly personal, as they require the conscious interaction of your visiting guests. A heavy black iron door knocker for example will have a very different feel to a slender polished chrome one.

Something More Unusual

To really impress your guests you can always embrace the more unusual side of design; and door knockers present you with the ideal opportunity to do this. With both traditional and contemporary designs based on famous door knocker designs – such as lion heads and hands – there is something for everyone looking to make an impression with our products.

Door Knobs and Door Handles from Handsome Handles

To find out more about any of the products discussed here, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our experienced team will be able to guide you towards making the best decisions for you and your home. As well as supplying an abundance of door knockers to our clients, we also stock many door handles and door knobs too.

So to add those extra special touches to your property today, call 07961 832812. Or, alternatively, why not drop us an email to Whichever method you choose you can be sure that you’ll receive the equal care and attention we provide to each of our valued customers.


Door Knobs One of 5 Things to Consider When Moving House

When it comes to moving home, there are so many things that you need to consider. You’ll want to make sure that you make all the right decisions to guarantee your happiness in your humble new abode. With that in mind, we’ve put together a guide that looks at some of the main areas to focus your energy on to give yourself the best chance of a smooth transition:

Property Budget

The first thing to take care of is working out exactly how much you can afford to spend on your new property. That shouldn’t just include the upfront costs; as it’s likely that you’ll also want to add your own personal touch to your new home once you’ve moved in. Make sure to consider both factors within your overall budget and you should be fine.

Design Scheme

Once you’ve worked out how much you can afford to spend, you’ll be able to tailor your potential interior design scheme around the money you have available. Perhaps you just want to make minor changes to the existing property scheme? Or maybe you have your eye on completely renovating one or two rooms? The potential is limitless and this should be a process you enjoy.


It’s also important to consider the area that you’re buying your property in. For some, this is even more important than the house itself. Whether it’s because you want to be in the catchment area for a certain school, or nearby to the countryside for lazy summer strolls; the requirements will be different for everyone.

Investment Factor

If you’re a seasoned property developer, or perhaps just someone who sees your new home as a partial investment, it’s worth taking into consideration how your new home can be maximised to increase in value whilst you live there. It might seem strange to think about leaving the place you’re only just buying; but some sort of long-term plan could pay dividends for you further down the line.

Door Knobs and Other Small Details

ball mortice door knobsOne way to add such value is through careful consideration of the minor details. Whilst we’ve looked at managing a budget for implementing larger-scale property changes, small features can be altered and replaced far more easily – with great effect. New door knobs are a great example of this.

They can help to add a real touch of class to your home in a cost-effective manner; so choosing to purchase them is an easy decision. For all your door furniture requirements, we at Handsome Handles are then perfectly placed to help.

Door Handles and Door Knockers from Handsome Handles

We also stock and supply a number of other relatable pieces, such as our door handles and door knockers. Each of our ranges comes with fantastic choice attached, meaning that you’’ have the freedom to purchase the products from us that exactly meet your individual requirements. To find out more, please don’t hesitate to call us today on 07961 832 812. 

Door Handles Add Value to Your Home on a Budget

Making changes to your property needn’t be an expensive process. By focusing on smaller areas you can make upgrades that add value to your home and help impress your guests. Door furniture is a great place to focus your energy, as it’s accessible to almost every home budget. With that in mind, we at Handsome Handles are perfectly placed to help.

Our door knockers, door knobs and door handles all come with plenty of choice attached to them; so you’ll never be short of options when buying from us. We understand that every home is different and will always do our utmost to match you to the pieces that best fit within the grander scheme of your property.

Here’s a more in-depth look at how some of our door handles could work for you and your home:

Internal Door Handles           

buckingham door handlesThe interior of your home is a great place to start. Whether you’re after designs on a backplate – or pieces with a lever on rose – we’re sure to be able to find something suitable for you. Got a contemporary home? Our Algarve door handles on backplate could be ideal. Need something more traditional? Then check out our Barley Twist door handles on a gothic backplate. Whatever your requirements you can guarantee that we’ll be able to help.

External Door Handles

Our door handles are also highly-suitable when optimised on the exterior of your home. We have a number of pieces that can withstand the forces of the elements so these products present the ideal way to impressively finish exposed sections of your property. Conservatories and patio doors are just some of the many places where they can be carefully integrated; with varied choice on offer once again, depending on your needs.

Room-Specific Door Handles

We often assist customers who need door handles that have been designed specifically for a certain room within their home. Whilst you can feel free to adapt any of our pieces as you best see fit; there are certain designs that lend themselves particularly well to kitchens and bathrooms; to name two examples. With everything from pull kitchen handles through to slickly-stylised designs to match to classy contemporary bathroom furniture; you’d be wise to place your confidence in the Handsome Handles team.

Door Knobs and Door Knockers

All of our door furniture is great for improving the design schemes of a variety of properties. It’s never too late to consider a refresh and when you make the decision to go ahead we’ll be there to help. In addition to the products we’ve looked at here; our door knockers and door knobs are continuing to have an equally positive effect on homes in the Sheffield and Rotherham areas.

Also designed to suit the needs of the property project in question; they present another great way to impress your guests by adding decorative character to the grander scheme of your home. To find out more, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. You can call us on 07961 832 812; or drop us an email to We look forward to hearing from you.