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Don’t Let Door Handles and Door Knobs Leave Your Home Looking Dated

Carlisle Brass door knobsDoor Handles and Door Knobs - An Inexpensive Way to Brighten Your Home

Improving and updating your home is more important than ever, but it can sometimes be a challenge to find the right inspiration. Amongst a busy working life, and with a need to budget responsibly, you have to grasp opportunities that allow you to spruce up your home in an affordable way.

Implementing new door handles and door knobs within your home can be a fantastic way to achieve positive change. They are both features that can add plenty of character to your home; without placing a heavy weight on your bank balance in the process – it’s a no-brainer.

Steadily Improving the Smaller Features of Your Home

Traditional, contemporary or a blend of the two; we stock products at Handsome Handles that are suitable for meeting any number of interior design styles. Through our expansive collection of door handles and door knobs you are certain to find the products that are most perfectly suited to you.

By focusing on upgrading your home in this way, you are ensuring its longevity in terms of value. Modernization is becoming an ever more prevalent topic of discussion for homeowners; and steady improvement of the small features of your home is a good way to gradually ensure that it does not become dated.

Once you’ve made the decision to undertake some renovation work through upgrading your door handles and door knobs, there are a few simple decisions to make to ensure success. The material used for each of these products - and the subsequent finish - are both vitally important decisions to make.

Apollo Atlanta Door Handles to Aydon Door Knobs

The design style of the products is of equal significance, as alongside the material choice, this gives you the best opportunity to be expressive in your decision making. From intricately design Aydon door knobs – cast in polished brass, polished chrome and antique brass; to satin chrome and Apollo Atlanta door handles on a backplate, the choice available to you with Handsome Handles is extensive.

All of our products are listed with detailed dimensions, so it’s easy to browse through our site to obtain measurements which can help you to visualize how each of our products could fit into your home. Detailed material descriptions can also help you narrow down how best to complement existing material choices for home features already in place.

To find out more through speaking to a member of our dedicated team you can reach us on 07961832812. We can use our experience to work with you to resultantly decide on the door handles and door knobs that would be best suited to your home. If you’d rather contact us online, you can do so by visiting our contact page. 

Make an Affordable Home Design Statement with Bold Door Knockers

cast iron door knockerPeople like to stand out from the crowd. It’s something that is particularly relevant for those who are looking to improve the overall design make-up of their home. Often though, it can be difficult to understand how this can be achieved in a cost-effective manner.

Door knockers are a fantastic way to make a bold design statement at your home - without the need to fork out hundreds of pounds. Our varying range of products presents customers with an enjoyable decision to make, allowing them plenty of scope to match their home design scheme with one of our many products.

Sprinkling of Luxury Design with our Door Knockers

All of the door knockers that we have on offer here at Handsome Handles allow our customers to add that special touch to their home - in an affordable way. We stock everything from the unusual to the pristine – providing you with the freedom of choice to make changes to your home in the way that is best suited to your individual tastes.

There is limitless potential, with our extensive product ranges catering to many different tastes. We understand that every perspective on design is different; and that everyone – particularly those looking to stand out – need choice of product to make an informed and highly satisfactory decision.

Variety is Our Specialty

You can impress visitors with one of our lion head door knockers – based around a popular English national symbol. Alternatively, why not create a more medieval feel at your home with one of our products from the black iron range. The dark casting resonates with themes from historical home design and could really help to ensure your home stands out to visitors.

Or maybe you want your home to stand out in a more subtle way? We can meet demand there too - with products such as our polished brass postal door knockers. Similarly, our Wealden door knocker from Carlisle Brass and Ludlow Foundries might be equally as perfect – it all depends on how you wish to make a statement.

Contact Handsome Handles for Door Knockers Today

You can be sure of obtaining only the highest quality of door knockers from our team here at Handsome Handles. Through calling us via 07961832812 – or getting in touch via our contact page – you can speak to one of our dedicated team and find out plenty more about our products. You’ll be amazed at the potential for positive change at your home.