Universal Designed Door Handles- Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Have you ever heard of the term “universal design”?  We had, but we can’t say we had ever given it a great deal of thought until now.   In reference to interior design, the term “universal design” is how a home is made user friendly for all of the different abilities and ages that enter it.  Whether you are planning on growing old in style in your home which is a very popular option now or if you just want to make your home a safe, easy to use and stylish space for family and friends, no matter what their age then “universal design” is the perfect solution and has been classed as a “hot trend” for houses containing adults, children, siblings, parents and grandparents…so, in short, everyone!

The Home of the Door Handle

There are multiple elements of “universal design” multigen homes which are worth speaking about but we are going to focus on one today…Door handles.

The door handles used in a home are more important than you may think and can be more difficult to use for children and for the elderly than first imaged, too.  But the right door handles can change the way you and your family live and can also be a strong selling point for potential buyers, as well.  Door handles are easier to use than door knobs for all of us.  Door knobs require a certain amount of strength to grip them and the ability to twist them.  This can be difficult for people with arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome or a person of any age with a hand or wrist injury.  Door knobs can also be difficult for children, too, who often do not have the correct size hands to clasp door knobs so need to use both hands to do so.  They are impossible to open if you have your hands full, so if you are a mum carrying a child for example, you would need to deposit your baby before opening the door.  Also, if you have anything on your hands, sticky or wet, a door knob becomes impossible to twist and open.  Really what we are saying is, there are lots of pros to having door handles in your home – they are useful, safe and well designed and can really make your house a wonderful home.

Where can I get well designed Door Handles?

If this article has made you think about new door handles or changing door knobs for door handles in your home today, then why not contact Handsome Handles.  We are a professional and friendly team, located in Derbyshire, who can help you find the perfect finish for both your home and your work place. Call us today on 01246 852 770 or visit our website by clicking here to see exactly what Handsome Handles can offer you.

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Admiral Nelsons’ Door Knobs- Friday, October 23, 2015

This month, we were very interested to hear about what is thought to be Admiral Nelson’s door knobs when the Antiques Roadshow went to film at Plymouth’s Royal William Yard.  Thought experts were somewhat dubious to believe that the door knobs had belonged to Nelson, they had been kept along with a number of other nautical objects which were believed to have been his. 

Fiona Bruce, the presenter of the Antiques Roadshow, clearly found the question of the authenticity of the objects intriguing.  The expert looking specifically at the door knobs on the programme, was military expert, Graham Lay.  He did however have doubts that the alleged doorknob duo had been in Admiral Lord Nelsons possession at the time of the Battle of Trafalgar.  Despite this disappointing result, they were extremely interesting, beautiful and plus it was a wonderful story – even if it wasn’t all true!

Door Knobs and Door Handles

What type of property do you live in?  Modern, 70s, Victorian?  Door knobs, door handles and door knockers are the finishing touches to any room, but they need to be the right style for your property to create the ultimate finish.  The key factor for us, here at Handsome Handles, to provide you with satisfaction, is the wide range we offer, both in style and material.  We stock everything from ornate polished brass door knobs, chrome designed door knobs and sleek satin door knobs – or selection is vast.

Door Knobs from Handsome Handles

Has reading this article made you think about getting new door knobs or door handles for your home or work place?  Perhaps you had already been thinking about door knobs and door handles but hadn’t yet made a decision.  What are you wanting glitzy and modern or traditional and elegant?  Whatever you decide, we are sure that we can provide you with exactly what you are looking for here at Handsome Handles.  We offer the best and most handsome of handles exclusively for you, at the most competitive of prices with the friendliest and most professional of services provided.  We provide door handles, door knobs and door knockers to the whole of England and Scotland from our base in South Yorkshire.

Contact Handsome Handles Today

If you would like to find out more about door knobs, door handles or door knockers then why not get in contact with Handsome Handles today.  Our professional and friendly team of staff would love to help you find the perfect finish for your home or work place.  So give us a call today on 01246 852 770 or you can visit our website directly by clicking here so that you can view our selection of Handsome Handles with your very own eyes.


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An Introduction to M Marcus - Monday, October 19, 2015

In 1940, M Marcus was founded in ‘Ironmongers Row’ in East London.  At this time they were initially only suppliers of brass cabinet fittings, however, since then, this has changed dramatically. M Marcus has since established strong product brands and now has a distinct, diverse and high end range of sophisticated, creative and truly beautiful products.  This includes featured products such as M Marcus door handles, window accessories, security products and decorative electrical switch plates.  Not only are they aesthetically pleasing but they will look at home in any type of building, be it grand Victorian properties, 1970’s or modern new builds – M Marcus will have the internal door handles and external door handles that you need!

Heritage Brass

M Marcus’ leading brand is that of well-known Heritage Brass, whose defining features are that of slim elegance, concealed fittings, screw-less appearance and array of finishes.

M Marcus Door Handles

Clearly M Marcus have got something right, having survived for over 60 years as a traditional brassfounder and now highly respected, major British supplier of architectural and electrical products.  They are committed to the quality of their products, providing you with the best of products every time.  Thanks to this dedication, their company and list of suppliers has continued to grow and expand continuously over the last six decades, with their stockists being regarded in just as high regard as M Marcus themselves, stockists like Handsome Handles.

Get a Handle on Your Home

Handsome Handles are based in South Yorkshire and stock M Marcus and Heritage Brass as part of their large selection of door handles, door knobs and door knockers.  They provide styles to suit your home or work space, no matter what look you are going for – glitz and glam or traditional elegance.  So, if you are interested in new internal door handles or external door handles then please get in contact with us here at Handsome Handles on 07961 832 812, email us at or alternatively you can check out our website by clicking here.


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Get a Handle on Your Pets- Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Handles to pet proof your homeLincolnshire living couple, Sue and Stewart are the owners of chocolate Labrador, Rollo.  He looks sweet enough, but behind this deceptive exterior, Rollo is a living food disposal unit, eating food and its packaging that does not need disposing of!  Nine year old, Rollo, has even eaten a packet of cigarettes, a jar of mincemeat (including the glass jar) and nearly died after his suicidal attempt at bulking up on rat poison.

It started off as being mildly amusing, with Sue describing Rollo as the ‘pre-rinse cycle’ on her dishwasher because he licked every single item inside whenever she opened the door.  Then Rollo learnt how to take the lid off yoghurts without any assistance before he consumed the contents, he studied how his owners opened the kitchen doors and copied their actions with the kitchen door handles using his mouth, this even included the fridge.  This intelligent canine even worked out that if he bounced up and down on the trampoline he could knock the apples off the tree.  But something needed to be done by Stewart and Sue, as they decided after 6 years after having rescued him from Labrador Lifeline Trust, they simply could no longer handle his constant binge eating and their own starvation.

The time had come, therefore, to dog-proof the kitchen and other specific areas of the house.  This was done by adding new kitchen handles to all of the cupboards that were impossible for Rollo to use, the fridge has been equipped with a high pull handle which has, to date, been successful.  Unlike the supposedly dog-proof bin, doors with chain, stairgates, briefcase and Tupperware boxes which have all been rather the opposite.  This gigantic kitchen makeover has cost an astonishing £25,000, which, by the sound of it, is less than Rollo eats in a week!

Handsome Handles Can Handle Anything

Handsome Handles are a South Yorkshire based company, providing exquisite contemporary door handles, door knockers and door knobs for your home.  We carefully select the best and most Handsome Handles especially for you, delivering to the whole of England and Scotland.  We are stockists of M Marcus, Carlisle Brass and Chase Atlantic which are all on show on our website for you to see today.

Contact Us at Handsome Handles Today

If you are in need of new door handles or kitchen handles then why not get in contact with us at Handsome Handles.  We can help you dog-proof or child-proof your kitchen and house if you feel that it is needed.  We have all the suitable kitchen handles, kitchen cabinet knobs and internal door handles you could possibly need.  So, give us a call on 07961 832 812, email us at or check out or website by clicking here to see exactly what we have in store for you and your new dog-proof, child-proof kitchen.

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Door Knobs, Door Handles and Wobbly Teeth – The Perfect Trio?- Saturday, September 26, 2015

I don’t know about you, but whenever I had a wobbly tooth as a child and relentlessly fiddled with it, my parents always threatened that they would tie a piece of string around it and slam the door, in an attempt to drag out my increasingly wobbly tooth.  This idea is thought to have originated from the Victorian era but has lasted a great deal longer than many of their traditions.  It is, however, perhaps a strange topic to write about but relevant, I feel, as originally door handles and door knobs would have been used in this process.  But can you guess what they have been replaced with?

spying quadricopter - door handles, door knobsNo one is Droning on about Door Knobs or Door Handles

Last week, it became apparent that door knobs and door handles had a new rival, when it went viral that multiple children were asking their parents to pull out their wobbly teeth by using…drones!  A drone is small, radio controlled, helicopter like device with an inbuilt camera (often multiple) which are designed to be controlled from a smartphone or tablet.

The Victorian Door Knob Method

Malcolm Swan, for example, used a quadcopter drone, in order to remove his son, Adams loose tooth.  Together, this was done by attaching dental floss tightly to the tooth in question and initiating the drone to fly.  If the reaction of Adam in the illustrative video is anything to go by, it does not seem to be a traumatic or painful experience but one of ease, excitement and great success.  However, there are many stories that involve drones and child tooth extraction which are nowhere near as successful or as pain free, so as much as we are pleased that Adam had a lucky escape, perhaps we should all stick to using the old fashioned, tried and tested Victorian method, which never fails – door handles and door knobs!

Door Knobs and Door Handles from Handsome Handles

Would you rather stick to the old fashioned method of using door knobs and door handles?  But want a modern and elegant twist?  Then why not contact us at Handsome Handles.  Whether you need kitchen cabinet knobs, internal door handles or external door handles such as PVC door fittings, suited to your home or your work place, we can work with you to find exactly what you are looking for.  Here at Handsome Handles we provide beautiful, contemporary door knobs, door handles and door knockers.  We offer the best and most handsome handles exclusively for you, offering our friendly and professional service to all of England and Scotland from our South Yorkshire base.  So if you can’t wait to get your teeth stuck in to choosing yourself some new door knobs or door handles, get in touch with Handsome Handles on 07961 832 812 or alternatively you can email us at or check out our website by clicking here to see what we have in store for you.

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Could Door Knobs Be the Key to the Safety of Dementia and Alzheimer Sufferers?- Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Studies have now found that six in 10 people who suffer with dementia often ‘wander’ off and become lost.  It is not the act of ‘wandering’ off that is usually the problem, it is returning.  A person suffering with Alzheimers may not be able to recall the correct information as to what their name is, their own address and they can often become disorientated, even if they are in a familiar place.   On average, sufferers are able to ‘wander’ 1.5 miles away from the place they were last seen before they are found.  ‘Wandering’ has nothing to do with the level of care structured by the caregiver, but can in fact happen even in the most Dementia or Alzheimer friendly places and with the most diligent of caregivers present. 

‘Wandering’ Preventing Door Knobs

Interestingly though, it has been suggested that door knobs could be key to this.  Obviously, it is not recommended that a person suffering from Dementia or Alzheimers is ever ‘locked’ in a room, but certain door knobs seem to be positive attributes to their safety and the safety of others around them, as well as reducing the stress levels of carers when patients go ‘wandering’ because they reduce the number of occasions that this happens.  Camouflaged door knobs have been recently been trialled.  This is where door handles are painted the same colour as the door or the walls in the room in order for them to not be so prominent and become camouflaged and therefore harder for the escapee to escape.  However, this is not unsafe if there was to be an emergency, as the handle is still prominent from the outside of the door, so access can be permitted easily by the carer or emergency services if needed. Alternatively, child-proof door knobs can be used for sufferers’ safety.  Another idea is to use a door knob which is connected to a device which lets off a signal when a door or window is opened.  This, for example, could be a bell, which can be placed over said door or window so that the carer is made aware if the patient has opened either of these escape route methods.

Door Knobs For You From Handsome Handles

Finding the correct door knobs for your home is clearly extremely important.  If this article has made you think about changing the door knobs and door handles in your home, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.  Here at Handsome Handles, we will be happy to help you find the appropriate door knobs and door handles to fit perfectly in to your home.  So, contact us at Handsome Handles on 07961 832 812 or alternatively you can email us at

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Scunthorpe Hospital Handles Germs Effectively- Friday, August 28, 2015

Germs are invisible and carry all sorts of hidden little nasties, but not for much longer.  Domestic departments in hospitals across North Lincolnshire are using special fluorescent marking gel on certain areas, like door handles, in order to make the invisible visible.

They are doing so by using the fluorescent marking gel in combination with UV lighting, in order for germs to be more easily seen and therefore cleaned or avoided from contact.  Thus, making people more aware of what is on their hands in an attempt to stop infections from spreading and in-patients from being cross-contaminated.  A prominent example of this is from the number of people touching door handles.  The NHS hopes that this new idea will instil confidence in both its patients and their visitors.

I-Pods Aid Cleanliness of Door Handles

The new fluorescent marking gel and UV lights will work in conjunction with I-Pods enabling the data to be recorded.  To test whether this strategy of germ prevention could work in parts of the hospitals involved, the necessary equipment will be on a two year lease from Trust’s Dragon Den scheme.  The idea was initially pitched to the Trust by a hospital support services supervisor, David Mooney, who pitched his idea to both executive and non-executive directors.

Door Handles and Dragons Den

Having been through the Dragons Den scheme, David Mooney was able to secure £7,000 in order to lease specialist equipment and technology to record trending data.  Mooney knows that this is an important step in the right direction due to the rate at which germs spread within a hospital.  Mooney stated “We have previously been able to monitor and record how clean an area is by checking the visual signs such as dust. We have never been able to look any further until now.”  But now, thanks to the I-Pod data collection and analysis technology, they are able to see so much more.  The I-Pods are able to alert users as to whether each area has passed or failed the germ cleanliness test and monthly reports can be collated for staff, patients and visitors to see. 

The Dragons Den scheme and hospital want to work together with their staff, patients and visitors in order to gain feedback and make this new fluorescent marking gel more effective in practice.

Invisible Germs Made Visible on Frequently Used Areas Such As Door Handles

The fluorescent marking gel is classed as a dabbing device, where gel is dispensed through a sponge on the tip of the gel tube.  This gel is applied to areas in the hospital that are the most frequently used, such as door handles, trolleys, desks, call bells and bedside tables.  The gel is left for 24 hours and is then put under the UV light.  This makes any invisible germs visible and aims to reduce the length of time that patients spend in hospital.

If this article has made you think about how important internal door handles or external door handles are in your home or work place, get in touch with us here at Handsome Handles on 07961 832 812 or alternatively email us at

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South Shields Builder has got a Handle on His Pocket- Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Expected to make a profit of around £60,000 but estimated to make a minimum of £2m, this South Shields builder has taken vintage door knobs, door handles and other brass fittings to auction.

After hearing that around 655,000 ornate, rare and vintage brass items, originally purchased by a Cornish millionaire, were in need of a “new home,” Mr Brian Cairns thought this was a clever way of tripling his outgoings through scrap – little did he know just how much money he was about to lay his hands on, but not through scrap as he had initially thought. 

The journey to Penzance to the brass-filled property ensued after a tip-off, where Cairns found himself entering a time warp.  The property he entered had not been amended, changed or visibly re-entered since the wife of a junk shop owner had died in 1975, a newspaper abandoned mid-read, never to be finished still laid spread open on the table – “the owner just didn’t want to go back in to the premises again.”

12 Tonnes of Brass Including Door Handles Brass door handle Italian style

A deal was struck between Cairns and the elderly owner, one that did not truly reflect the price of the brass or its later discovered value, the owner just wanted the belongings dispatched as the memories attached to his wife were too painful for him to bear.  Cairns hired two seven-and-a-half tonne lorries to transport the 12 tonnes of brass back to the North East.  This journey took multiple days to complete owing to the weight of the lorries, as they were only able to travel between 10 and 30 mph.

Brass Handles Estimated at £200 Each

Back safely in the North East and about to sell all of the 655,000 collected brass objects for scrap, Cairns decided to have them valued…luckily!  It was discovered that many of the door knobs, door handles, light switches, hat stands and letter boxes (to name just a few) were actually Vintage Valli and Columbo, an Italian company which ceased production 55 years previous.  Many of the handles, he was informed, were estimated to be worth around £150 each and the brass handles estimated £200 each.  Mr Cairns said, “I bought it all for scrap but I started looking in to what they really were and realised many were vintage Italian handles.”

Initially, it did not sound like individually they were going to make Mr Cairns a particularly lucrative return but with 655,000 items, many of these brass door knobs and door handles, the auction estimate was that of around £2m.  So it definitely pays to have potential “scrap” valued before letting scrapping commence, as this has made one South Shields father-of-four an overnight multimillionaire!

Door Knobs and Door Handles Available at Handsome Handles

The door knobs and door handles available at Handsome Handles won’t cost you a fortune – they are quality, affordable products and can be found on our website.  To find out more about brass door handles, door knobs and door handles visit us at or call us on 07961 832 812.

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Choices to Make When Purchasing New Door Knockers- Wednesday, August 12, 2015

New door furniture can improve the aesthetics of your home without burning a hole in your wallet. Here at Handsome Handles, we continue to provide great choice and style when it comes to these products; through our ranges of door knobs, door handles and door knockers.

Taking a closer look at the latter of those, there are a few important things for you to consider if you want to be successful with the purchases that you make. Your available price range and the existing design scheme of your property are perhaps the most important of these.

With that in mind, we’ve taken a closer look at why these and some other relevant factors are important in your purchasing decision process.

Bold or Subtle Door knockers black antique design

Perhaps the most important thing to decide is what sort of statement you want to make with any door knockers that you buy. With such an extensive range of these door furniture pieces, we can provide you with everything from the boldest to the most subtle of designs – leaving you free to make the choices you feel best reflect your tastes.

Shape and Size

To match the right knockers to your doors, it’s important that they look right in-situ; in terms of both size and shape. Delicate and shimmering ring door knocker designs may be better suited to a delicately-varnished light-wood door; whilst a rugged, heavy-set black iron door knocker may be the right option for a contrasting property.

Suitable Budget

As mentioned, the budget that you have available will influence the purchases that you’re able make. Thankfully, we have so many affordable door knockers for you to choose from that this hopefully won’t be an issue. Great prices are available for products of all different shapes, sizes and styles – so we’re confident that we can deliver satisfaction to you.

Door Knockers Material

As we often mention in this blog, the materials you select for your new door knockers are vital with relation to their overall appearance. Looking for something more traditional? Then antique brass, black antique and black iron pieces would be most suitable for you. Or, if you’ve got more of a contemporary eye for property design, then our polished chrome and satin nickel door knockers would be more appropriate for you.

Door Knobs and M Marcus Door Handles in Plentiful Supply

As well as our impressive array of door knockers, we also continue to offer great choice and pricing with relation to door knobs and M Marcus door handles too. Each of these have their own unique charms and can also go towards improving your home.

If you’re interested in finding out more, then why not pay our site a visit today? There, you’ll be able to survey all the fantastic products we have on offer and decide which would work best for you. Further to this, if there’s something that you’ve got in mind that you don’t see across our ranges then we’ll do our best to source it for you.

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Door Knobs and Other Decorative Features to Enhance Your Home With- Friday, July 31, 2015

Investing in the improvement of your property can be a rewarding process. There a number of ways in which you can achieve success; and the size of any project that you undertake is likely to be influenced by the budget you have available to you. If you want to make changes but don’t have endless amounts to spend, our products here at Handsome Handles are absolutely perfect.

Ideal for implementation right throughout your home; our door knobs, door handles and door knockers are continuing to deliver long-term satisfaction to our clients. Offering plenty of scope for you to stamp your own individual interior design taste on your home, each of our ranges features products of great value and style.

With that in mind, we’ve put together some more information surrounding our door furniture; to help give you an idea of which would be most suitable pieces for helping you to improve your own home:

A Variety of Ornate Door Knobs Door Knobs and Other Decorative Features to Enhance Your Home With

No matter the style of your property, door knobs always present a great way to invest - simply because there are so many different routes you can go down. For us, the key factor towards providing satisfaction with this range has been the choice we can offer – both in decor and material terms. With everything from ornate polished brass and chrome designs through to sleek and slender pieces made from satin; we’re confident you’ll find the right ones for you with us.

M Marcus and Carlisle Brass Door Handles

When it comes to door handles, the possibilities are wide-reaching, as there are designs suitable for doors and furniture right throughout your home. From aesthetically-pleasing upgrades for your kitchen and bathroom furniture; through to replacement handles for doors themselves, you can be sure that we’ll be able to assist you. Our M Marcus and Carlisle Brass door handles are always particularly popular with our customers.

Unusually-Sculpted Door Knockers

With a focus on the exterior of your home, we also have many years experience when it comes to the supply of door knockers to our customers here at Handsome Handles. As one of the first things that people are likely to notice about your home, these property features may seem insignificant; but they can in fact be the most important contributor towards you leaving a positive first impression on your visitors. With an abundance of both traditional and contemporary designs, we can help.

Helpful Advice from the Handsome Handles Team

To find out more about how we could help you to upgrade your property for a relatively minimal investment today, why not call our helpful and friendly team? You can reach us on 01246 852 770.

Alternatively, if you’d like to browse through our impressive choice of products, you’d be well advised to come and check out our website – Here, you’ll be able to find the inspiration you need and decide on the door furniture that you think is most suitable for you to purchase.

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