Art Exhibition Opens up Lost World of Door Knockers

As the leading Sheffield-based supplier of door knockers, we’re always interested to hear of any news related to the industry. One story which recently caught our eye was that of a married Iranian couple; who have spent the last 25 years documenting Iranian door knockers throughout their travels to over 20 towns and cities in the country.

Architect Alireza Jahanpanah – born in Tehran – and his wife Irandokht Pirsaree have been photographing and researching the shapes, designs and details of the door knockers; as well as studying the forging methods used in their creation. They are now exhibiting their findings at the Deep Cove Seymour Art Gallery in Vancouver, to share their discoveries with the local public.

Beautiful, Ornate Door Knockers wealdon door knockers

 Jahanpanah became fascinated with the door knockers due to their beautiful, ornate structures. Through travelling around both rural and urban areas, he was able to learn so much about the manufacture of these distinctive property features.

Interesting discoveries such as how men and women had separate door knockers designed to omit different sounds have helped to shed light on these charming little features of Iran’s property history.

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As well as our impressive array of door knockers, we also offer a wide variety of internal and external door handles to property owners throughout the UK. With options suitable for both contemporary and traditional homes, we’re confident that you’ll see the value attached to them.

Kitchens, bathrooms and dining spaces are just some of the places they can be put to use, as we have specific models tailored to suit individual areas of your home. Models made from satin nickel, chrome and black antique are just a few examples of the many possibilities available to you.

Door Knobs Offering Great Choice to UK Property Owners

Another option available to you with us is our expansive door knobs range. Simultaneously charming and practical; these fittings present a great way to add value to your home without spending a fortune. If you decide to go ahead with purchasing them, there are a number of useful things you can consider.

Material, finish, style, upkeep and where you actually want to put any new door knobs are all factors you’ll need to weigh up. By taking the time to research these areas thoroughly, you’ll give yourself the best chance of success.

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