An Introduction to M Marcus

In 1940, M Marcus was founded in ‘Ironmongers Row’ in East London.  At this time they were initially only suppliers of brass cabinet fittings, however, since then, this has changed dramatically. M Marcus has since established strong product brands and now has a distinct, diverse and high end range of sophisticated, creative and truly beautiful products.  This includes featured products such as M Marcus door handles, window accessories, security products and decorative electrical switch plates.  Not only are they aesthetically pleasing but they will look at home in any type of building, be it grand Victorian properties, 1970’s or modern new builds – M Marcus will have the internal door handles and external door handles that you need!

Heritage Brass

M Marcus’ leading brand is that of well-known Heritage Brass, whose defining features are that of slim elegance, concealed fittings, screw-less appearance and array of finishes.

M Marcus Door Handles

Clearly M Marcus have got something right, having survived for over 60 years as a traditional brassfounder and now highly respected, major British supplier of architectural and electrical products.  They are committed to the quality of their products, providing you with the best of products every time.  Thanks to this dedication, their company and list of suppliers has continued to grow and expand continuously over the last six decades, with their stockists being regarded in just as high regard as M Marcus themselves, stockists like Handsome Handles.

Get a Handle on Your Home

Handsome Handles are based in South Yorkshire and stock M Marcus and Heritage Brass as part of their large selection of door handles, door knobs and door knockers.  They provide styles to suit your home or work space, no matter what look you are going for – glitz and glam or traditional elegance.  So, if you are interested in new internal door handles or external door handles then please get in contact with us here at Handsome Handles on 07961 832 812, email us at or alternatively you can check out our website by clicking here.


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