A Closer Look at Our Decorative Door Knobs

New door knobs can be great for the aesthetic appearance of your home. They present a way to make property upgrades in a cost-effective manner and are ideal for adding decorative effect. With limitless choice, we at Handsome Handles are the leading supplier of these door furniture pieces and have been so for many years.

As such, we are well placed to advise on which door knobs from our range are most appropriate for you. We’ve put together a guide surrounding some of the designs most popular with our clients; as we continue to deliver satisfaction and excellent customer service to everyone that chooses us:

Polished Chrome to Decorate Your Contemporary Home

We’ve recently taken a look in this blog at how polished chrome can be a great material choice for door knockers and door handles; but it can also work perfectly for door knobs. Ideally, you should look to implement chrome designs within more modern homes. They work particularly well inside cutting-edge bathrooms and kitchens; complimenting ceramic and metal features within the make-up of these rooms.

Georgian-Style Door Knobs

The Georgian era has always proven to be highly-influential on door knob design. As is often the case, when a property feature has made a significant impression throughout history it tends to remain in people’s minds. Designs such as our Georgian Mortice door knob are continuing to prove to be of great interest for those altering their homes with a traditional touch.

Delamain Designs

delamain door knobs sheffield and rotherhamThe Delamain range from Carlisle Brass is regularly a source of interest for those looking to add unusual door furniture pieces to the interior of their homes. Here at Handsome Handles, we have all sorts of door knobs from this product range and we’re confident that if you’ll find the right design for you. The Delamain wooden products we stock are well worth a look from you.

Black Iron

The design of contemporary black iron door furniture has been heavily-influenced by the Victorian-era. Door knobs made from this material work perfectly within stately home properties and homes which combine high ceilings with wooden floors. We’d be more than happy to advise you on the reasons why our customers continue to choose black iron door furniture and explain why we think these types of door knobs would or wouldn’t work for your own home.

You Can Also Get Door Handles and Door Knockers From Us

Our expertise in door furniture supply doesn’t just stop at door knobs for Rotherham and Sheffield. We also stock a variety of door handles and door knockers; all of which can add value and a touch of class to your home. With everything from period door furniture borrowing from designs throughout British history, to strikingly-contemporary pieces to bring your home into the 21st century, we can always help.

We’d be delighted to hear from you further. You can discuss any queries that you may have with a member of our highly-professional team on 01761 832812 or 01246731481. Alternatively, why not send us an email to info@handsomehandles.co.uk

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