5 Top Edwardian Decor Tips Including These Door Knobs

Edwardian decor is continuing to prove popular to homeowners throughout the UK. When there has been a particular design period that’s made such a good impression, it’s easy to see why. There are a number of different things you can do to best capture the feeling of the era for your own home, which we at Handsome Handles have looked at in more detail.

As experts in the supply of decorative door furniture pieces – including door knobs – we have a measured understanding of how to integrate new ideas within your home. The suggestions we’ve detailed below should help you successfully implement Edwardian style. Combine all these things together and you’ll be well on your way towards satisfaction:

Thorough Research is Invaluable

If you want to be successful with the changes that you make, it pays to improve your knowledge of the Edwardian era. Whilst traditionally these types of homes were found in the suburbs, the style of them is being adopted by families across all residential areas. As long as you get the interior right, you’ll be on the right track and there is plenty of helpful advice in this blog.

Keep Rooms Lighter

Well-lit spaces have always been a key feature of Edwardian homes. You can adopt them for your own property through careful interior decoration and the capture of natural light. By combining the right paint for your walls with cleverly positioned fixtures you can make the changes required.

Edwardian Door Knobs from Handsome HandlesEdwardian influenced door knobs

Here at Handsome Handles, we have a number of Edwardian-influenced door knobs that can help you to capture the decor of the era. Designed to complete a room with a measured finishing touch, each of the unique designs we supply to our customers have their own individual charms – it just depends on your personal taste as to which one you choose.

Crafted Furniture

Delicately-crafted pieces of furniture can help capture Edwardian period design to the best possible effect. By carefully integrating them within select rooms in your home, you can impress guests and ensure that your property stands out of a beacon of historical class. Quirky furniture and cushioned benches are both great ideas.

Tiled Decor

Decorative, tiled flooring is well-known as a feature of properties influenced by this era. The pattern you choose is entirely down to you, but there are particular styles that work better than others. It’s well worth you checking out a few to see which would work best for your own home. You can make your own decor unique by adapting this to tiling or decorative carpets.

See Our Door Handles and Door Knockers Too

Here at Handsome Handles, we continue to offer the finest door furniture to homeowners looking to make property upgrades. As well as our Edwardian range, we have more fantastic door knobs in supply; as well as a number of door handles and door knockers too. To speak to us about how we can help you decorate your home today, please call us on 07961 832812.

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