5 Things to Decide When Choosing New Door Knobs

aydon door knobsWhen it comes to deciding on any kind of door furniture, there are always plenty of factors that require your consideration. To get the look and fit just right within the grander scheme of your home it pays to do a bit of research and we can help you with it. With that in mind, here’s our guide to 5 of the most important decisions you need to make when installing new door knobs.

Material and Finish

Perhaps the most important call is which material your door knobs are going to be made from. We have so much choice that you really can tailor your decision to your individual needs; with black iron, polished chrome and antique brass products just some of the many material options available to you.


The style of the door knobs that you choose is also vitally important to ensure a seamless transition of the new products into your home. We have pieces to match both contemporary and traditional properties; with everything from antique to slickly-stylised designs available to you.


When you initially choose your new products it’s also worth considering whether you’ll need to do any upkeep to leave them looking like new. Some of our designs possess a distressed finished and are designed to wear over time as part of the intended long-term effect; but others such as those made from polished brass will need looking after in their own way. You can find helpful advice on door furniture upkeep throughout this blog.

Where to Implement Your New Door Knobs

This may be a decision that you take before or after you choose your new door knobs. You may like a design so much that you’ll work to fit it within your interior design scheme once you’ve purchased the product. Or, alternatively, it may be essential to you that you only make a decision if you know exactly where your new pieces will fit within your property. The decision is different for everyone.

Whether You Want it to Be Sprung or Not

Door knobs rely on a spring inside the latch mechanism in order to turn. Contemporary designs can sometimes have a spring in the backplate of the knob itself and these are classed as sprung products. Unsprung products tend to rely on the spring in the latch doing the work. We can advise you on this matter further when you get in touch with us.

Door Handles and Door Knockers Available from Handsome Handles Too

We also have a variety of door knockers and door handles available to our customers too. We’ve always found that by providing more choice we’re able to deliver on satisfaction and that’s why we’re always looking to expand our ranges. Even if you can’t find the product you’re after in our stock we can usually source and supply the piece you’re after instead.

To find out more about any of our products, why not give us a ring? You’ll be able to reach us on either 01246 731481 or 07961 832812.


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