4 Tips to Help You Choose the Right Door Knockers

When it comes to making any changes at your property, you’ll want to carry them out in the most effective way. At Handsome Handles we deeply understand this, as we’re the leading supplier of door furniture to the Sheffield and Rotherham areas. As a result of this and the advice we regularly provide, you can feel confident in choosing us to make such alterations.

Cost, style and the quality of the company you’re buying from are all important factors which can make a difference to the success you have. We’ve put together some useful tips which are worth your consideration when it comes to purchasing new door knockers:

How Will Your New Door Knockers Work with Your Existing Property Scheme

This is perhaps the most important thing to consider when it comes to buying your new door knockers. Unless you’ve recently acquired a new build house, it’s likely that you’ll either be living or moving into premises that are already largely decorated. If you’re budget is limited then you may have to work with the existing decor, so blending in new door furniture with that needs to be done carefully.

What Material Will You Choose?

The finish of your front, side and back doors will ultimately have a noticeable say on the door knockers you’re able to use. We present an abundance of options to ensure that we provide something for everyone. Designs made from polished chrome, satin nickel, black iron and many more materials are all included in our product stock.


As well as taking care of the aesthetical appearance of your new door knockers, it’s also useful for you to think about the ergonomics of them. These pieces of door furniture are particularly personal, as they require the conscious interaction of your visiting guests. A heavy black iron door knocker for example will have a very different feel to a slender polished chrome one.

Something More Unusual

To really impress your guests you can always embrace the more unusual side of design; and door knockers present you with the ideal opportunity to do this. With both traditional and contemporary designs based on famous door knocker designs – such as lion heads and hands – there is something for everyone looking to make an impression with our products.

Door Knobs and Door Handles from Handsome Handles

To find out more about any of the products discussed here, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our experienced team will be able to guide you towards making the best decisions for you and your home. As well as supplying an abundance of door knockers to our clients, we also stock many door handles and door knobs too.

So to add those extra special touches to your property today, call 07961 832812. Or, alternatively, why not drop us an email to info@handsomehandles.co.uk? Whichever method you choose you can be sure that you’ll receive the equal care and attention we provide to each of our valued customers.


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