3 Types of Door Knockers Perfect for Traditional Front Doors

door-knocker-blackUpgrading the door knockers at your home can be a great decision to take. By following a few simple pieces of advice, you can ensure that you make changes in the best possible way. If you own a traditional property, there are some door knockers that will be better suited to your home than others. We at Handsome Handles stock an abundance of them and are well placed to advise on such matters.

The key decision that you need to make is on the material that your new door furniture will be made from. We stock some beautifully contemporary door knockers, but if you’re home design scheme has roots in earlier eras, you’d be better served by purchasing your new property additions made from one of the following materials:

Black Iron

Typically used within traditional property design schemes, black iron has roots steeped in the Victorian era. As such, the material matches perfectly to homes that are either over a century old or ones that have been designed to mirror dwellings from that age.

With designs such as lion’s head door knockers and hand door knockers, we’ve got plenty of products to help you here. All ornate and beautifully designed, they have been designed to enhance your home in the most impressive of ways.  

Antique Brass

To evoke Georgian traditions at your property, antique brass can be the perfect material to choose for your new door furniture. This particular era from our history roughly covered the years between 1714 and 1830 and has plenty of impressive home design ideas attached to it.

At Handsome Handles, we supply a number of painstakingly casted antique brass pieces that have all be designed to enhance your home. Even if you can’t see the product your after within our range of stock, we can often try and source it for you.

Satin Nickel

Whilst satin nickel is a relatively recent material for door knockers, it works particularly well with traditionally designed doors. It’s appearance has a dull shine that contrasts with shimmering contemporary door furniture and is therefore better matched to older doors. Satin nickel is commonly applied to brass as a brush finish and is fairly similar in appearance to stainless steel.

We Also Have Door Knobs and Door Handles for Our Customers

This is just advice on how these materials are typically used, but that is not to say that they can’t be incorporated within modern home design schemes. Other factors such as the design of the door knocker and its size have an important role to play in the overall effect given off; so keep coming back to our blog for more advice.

At Handsome Handles, we also stock a variety of door knobs and door handles; all designed to give you as the customer the greatest choice possible. Our experience comes from providing you with door furniture that best matches your home and we’d love to hear from you if you’re interested in finding out more about any of the products that we’ve mentioned here.


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