Picture of Black Antique Octagonal Centre Door Knob

Black Antique Octagonal Centre Door Knob

Door Knob
Manufacturers: Carlisle Brass , Ludlow Foundries

Dimensions (mm)

Rose 63 Dia

Knob 62 Dia

Projection 63

Centre Door Knob

Finish Available - Black Antique




The Octagonal Centre Door Knob is part of the Ludlow Foundries Range by Carlisle Brass

Care Instructions

Black Antique - Iron in any form is venerable to rusting- during Carlisle Brass finishing process they make every effort to cover all areas of the product by first back zinc plating and then powder coating.  Where obvious abrasive areas of moving parts are evident an occasional light oiling is recommended. To remove harmful deposits which will cause corrosion we advise that the product is regularly wiped over with a lightly oiled cloth.