Picture of Nylon Rose - Thumbturn and Release

Nylon Rose - Thumbturn and Release

Thumbturn and Release
Manufacturer: M Marcus

Diameter 46mm

Finishes Available - Polished Brass, Polished Chrome & Satin Chrome

Care Instructions

Polished Brass - Wipe over with a soft non abrasive cloth and buff gently to a shine. For all external fittings wipe over and sparingly apply a good wax polish- to avoid smears buff gently to a shine before the wax dries. DO NOT USE Metal or spray polishes as the grit or solvents in these products may damage the finish. We use high quality Multi-Resin Lacquer coatings to help keep the brass fittings surfaces looking good. Cleaned regularly the lacquer coating should provide you with good service but the life of the lacquer coating cannot be guaranteed. If the lacquer surface breaks down you may wish to remove the remaining lacquer by using a paint stripper- e.g. “Nitromores” strictly follow the manufacturer's instructions and follow any safety advice for using the product. After stripping the lacquer use a soft cloth and a metal polish- e.g. "Brasso" or "Duraglit". remove any tarnish and then buff to a bright finish. The fitting can then be re-lacquered using a lacquer suitable for use on metal. For external use you may prefer to leave the item un-lacquered and then polish regularly with metal polish.

Polished Chrome & Satin Chrome - Chrome plated products are hard-wearing finishes that are virtually maintenance free. To remove finger marks on polished surfaces we recommend a light dusting with a soft non abrasive cloth. Avoid wax polish on polished chrome as this may cause smearing or bloom which can then be difficult to remove.

10 year Mechanism Warranty - Sprung sets will be replaced if within 10 years from the date of purchase the spring mechanism breaks due to faulty workmanship or materials. This 10 year warranty applies only to the original purchaser. The warranty is made void for any breakage caused by misuse or accident or in the manufacturer’s opinion the breakage arises from undue care. To validate any claim under this warranty a receipt or other proof of the age of the installation may be requested.

Picture of Polished Brass - GC0775-PB
Polished Brass - GC0775-PB
£10.35 inc VAT
Picture of Polished Chrome - GC0775-PC
Polished Chrome - GC0775-PC
£10.35 inc VAT
Picture of Satin Chrome - GC0775-SC
Satin Chrome - GC0775-SC
£10.35 inc VAT