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4 Material Choices for Your New Internal Door Handles- Friday, June 19, 2015

Internal door handles may seem insignificant within the grander scheme of your home; but you should always remember to consider them carefully when making property upgrades. When integrated in the right way, they can add a touch of class and a sprinkle of charm; so it pays to research these door furniture pieces to help you make the right decisions.

If you do, you can be sure that you’ll impress visiting friends and family with your ability to pay attention to the minor details of your property – but how can you be sure to get it right? The 3 most important factors are how any new internal door handles will fit with the existing interior design of your home; the design of the pieces you choose; and the materials they are made from.

We’ve taken a look at the last of those points for you to help give an indication of how chrome, nickel, brass, black antique and bronze would match to your property. This should help you to make the well-informed decisions that you need to:

ChromeInternal kitchen door handles

Chrome is versatile, slick and stylised; making it perfect for the most contemporary of properties. Whether you’re looking for internal chrome door handles for kitchen and bathroom furniture; or something more standard for select doors within your home, we’ve got the choice to keep you satisfied.


The subtle, unassuming shine of satin nickel makes this another ideal material selection for door handles within modern homes. It bears similarities to stainless steel and is often applied as a brush finish to a brass base. The finish it brings is almost warm in appearance and is ideal for adding an understated contemporary touch.

Black Antique

Suitable for traditional homes with doors made from rugged woods such as oak, black antique resonates with property design from previous centuries and is perfect for adding real character to any interior.


Lightly-varnished wood is perfect to match bronze door handles to; as the tone of the wood helps to highlight their quality. Bronze acts as another example of a material that works particularly well within traditional home design schemes. Door hardware made in this way is sure to impress any visiting friends and family. 

Door Knobs, Door Knockers and Kitchen Door Handles for Your Home

As well as supplying our wide range of door handles to property owners throughout the UK, we also offer choice on plenty more different types of door furniture. These include door knobs, door knockers and kitchen door handles; all of which are available in an equally abundant range of materials.

For us, it’s all about continuing to offer the best choice and quality to our valued customers. With many years of experience operating within the trade; we are well-placed to do this to the best possible effect. To find out more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. You can do so by calling 07961832812; or via email to

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Contemporising Your Rooms with Appropriate Door Handles- Tuesday, February 10, 2015

windsor chrome door handlesWith so many benefits attached to property investment; it’s easy to see why homeowners find it so popular. The satisfaction of cleverly spending your hard-earned money can work wonders for your overall quality of life; by adding value, space and style to your home. But how do you make sure that you carry out changes successfully?

Throughout each room that you work on, it’s important to remember the finer details; which is where we at Handsome Handles come in. All the door handles and door furniture pieces that we supply have been strategically selected to offer both choice and quality; so that the final touches to your revitalised rooms are implemented perfectly.

With a focus on contemporary changes, we’ve taken a look at some valuable points to consider when upgrading your bathroom, kitchen or study:

Bathroom Handles

There are plenty of ways to contemporise your bathroom. Choosing the right materials for new surfaces, appliances and pieces such as the sinks is essential. From wall tiling to floor tiling; the possibilities are endless and it simply depends on what your perfect vision for your modern home is. For the door furniture that you choose, our polished chrome door handles are ideally placed to help. They blend excellently within a grander scheme that includes white ceramic and black shelving pieces.

Kitchen Door Handles

With your kitchen handles, you may want to consider deciding on the ones that you want before you begin to install any new furniture. Ensuring that these items tie in to the overall scheme of the room is essential and they may need to match pull handles already built in to new furniture pieces that you’re adding. Polished chrome door furniture may be a good match to a material such as parapan; which is commonly used in modern kitchen design.

Study Handles

When it comes to the modernisation of any office or study, the choices are endless. For the furniture, you may want to incorporate modern units made from light beech or pine. Or, alternatively, you may feel that monochrome desks and cabinets may be better suited. If you choose the wooden option, then polished Carlisle brass door handles can add a contemporary touch with a traditional spin. For the latter choice, satin chrome or satin nickel ones could work well.

Door Handles, Door Knobs and Door Knockers in Sheffield and Rotherham

The sheer variety of door furniture that we offer to our customers means that you’ll truly never be short of choice when you buy from us. Door knobs, door knockers and door handles are all stocked in abundance – and we’ll even try and source a product for you in the unlikely event that we don’t have it.

For more great advice on property upgrades with our products, make sure you keep coming back to our blog. To speak to us directly about any of our door furniture, you can call us on 07961 832812; where one of our dedicated team member will be happy to take your call. 

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Why Chrome Door Handles Can Be Beneficial for Your Home- Thursday, July 10, 2014

chrome door handlesWhen it comes to home improvements, it is about making the choices that best allow you to enhance your home. Understanding how to successfully integrate styles of interior design is a skill, and it pays to research this properly.

Particularly for modern homes; chrome door handles can help you to achieve that perfect finishing touch; that can really make your home stand out as a beacon of design excellence. Whether on rose or backplate; Handsome Handles stock an entirety of products that will ensure you are able to find the right product for you.

Towards the latter end of the 1990’s; chrome door handles became a significant part of a shift towards more contemporary interior design. The cool, silver tones of the material resonate with modern ideas; and as a material for home products it provides a perfect platform to showcase cutting-edge design in your home.

Chrome Door Handles on Rose – and on Backplate

That is not to say that you cannot achieve striking contemporary tones with other materials. Polished brass is also now an extremely popular modern take on a more traditional material, which is often used within the design of new homes.

However, if it is chrome door handles that you have your heart set on, there are a few more aspects that you should look to further consider. On-rose designs are perhaps the most commonly chosen style of chrome door handles for contemporary homes. They enable home designers to further a sense of sleekness, and can be found in square, oval and even hexagonal form.

On-backplate designs are also popular, and whilst they may be more often used within traditional home design; they are just as valid for those looking to showcase a more contemporary style. Whichever design you go for with your chrome door handles, there is always a way to make it best work for you and your home.

Choose Handsome Handles and Care for Your Products

Whichever products you end up choosing to go for, you can be sure that Handsome Handles will deliver only the highest standard of products and customer service. Our wide range of stock, knowledge about our products and passion for what we do are all key factors to ensuring that we are confident of becoming your go-to supplier in the long term.

You can find plenty of information for how to care for your products after purchase on our website – including the importance of lightly dusting polished chrome with a non-abrasive cloth. To get in touch with us, why not visit our contact page or, alternatively; you can reach us on 07961832812.

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Embrace Contemporary Design with Aesthetically-Modern Door Handles- Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Cubik door handles in contemporary styleInnovative, fresh design ideas are ensuring that the world of home interiors is constantly evolving. Staying ahead of current trends can be difficult; but researching them is a worthwhile investment of your time. The reward for doing so is ensuring you own a home that embraces small contemporary concepts that ensure your home radiates as a beacon of modern design.

Our extensive range of door handles ensures that we are able to provide you with a service that is guaranteed to be at the forefront of home renovations – including modern design concepts. We are constantly evolving our catalogue; and are able to provide you with an entirety of door handles that offer variety, class and the potential for leaving a fantastic impression on visitors to your home.

Understanding the materials that provide you with the best possible platform to impress – whilst keeping your home wonderfully contemporary in the process – is essential. Polished brass, polished chrome and satin chrome are all perfectly placed to be utilized in the production of contemporary door handles.

Polished Brass Door Handles

For doors made of woods such as beech or pine; polished brass handles can be the perfect compliment. The material is perfectly suited to match the subtle tones of these woods – evidencing to visitors your knowledge of contemporary design concepts. Our polished brass products that we have in stock are protected by only the most advanced of lacquers; ensuring many years of service from your product. Metal cleaner and aerosol sprays should never be used to care for polished brass door handles once they are installed – use either a cloth moistened with soapy water or a soft cloth with beeswax for the task.

Polished Chrome Door Handles

As chrome plating that is often placed on brass or steel surfaces then polished; polished chrome is another excellent material choice for your modern door handles. The cool, silver tones often have no need to be lacquer-coated; as the surface rarely tarnishes. The slickly-stylized, sparkling finish perfectly emanates modern design tones. To care for your polished chrome door handles once they are installed you should simply lightly dust them with a non-abrasive cloth – avoid wax polish as this can create smearing which is difficult to remove.

Satin Chrome Door Handles

For a less sparkling and reflective product, choose satin chrome door handles. The material provides the appearance of a more of a painted finish; and can be perfectly blended with subtlety-painted doors to provide a modern finish that is duller in appearance than polished chrome. Satin chrome is regularly implemented in contemporary home design; and is particularly resistant to corrosion.

At Handsome Handles; we provide door handles for an array of different customers; in both the materials mentioned as well as many more. We’re vastly experienced in matching the right product to the right customer; ensuring that choosing us as your supplier is a decision you won’t regret. You can contact us via our contact page; or alternatively why not give us a call? Our number is 07961832812; where one of our enthusiastic team will be delighted to take your call.

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